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188博金宝下载 Construction Machinery - North America

Safety & Training

At 188博金宝下载 , safety is our top priority and training is one of the most effective ways to develop and maintain safe working environments and equipment. The 188博金宝下载 Dealer Network offers both operator and technical training for mining equipment.

188博金宝下载 Mining Operator Training

Level 1 – Delivered at the customer’s site by a 188博金宝下载 dealer and includes information on daily service checks, start-up and operation, and general safe operating techniques.

Level 2 – Done on a third-party company’s simulator and focuses on machine controls and proper operator technique.

Level 3 – Led by a third-party company’s instructor on the jobsite and includes proper planning techniques, machine control proficiency, and a certificate of completion.

Please contact your local dealer for more information.

188博金宝下载 Mining Technical Training

Distance learning gives technicians a head-start on technical competencies for 188博金宝下载 mining equipment. These online courses cover product and sales overview, manual and schematic organization and navigation skills that are essential for product knowledge, sales techniques and technical support. Available courses can be taken at:

188博金宝下载 -trained instructors will provide the following phased training upon request and schedule availability.

Phase 1: Basic machine orientation and maintenance training (done at the delivery of new machines)

Phase 2: Standard instructor-led technical training (prerequisite: Online product overview)

Phase 3: Optional/customized advanced technical training (prerequisite: Phase 2 training)

188博金宝下载 Electric Drive Systems: Standard instructor-led technical training (prerequisite: Phase 2 training)

Please contact your local dealer for instructor-led technical training requests.