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188博金宝下载 Construction Machinery - North America


Utility Excavator

Net Power
86 kW
116 hp
Operating Weight
20 120 kg
44,317 lb.
Max Dig Reach
9.94 m
32 ft. 7 in.
Max Dig Depth
7.07 m
23 ft. 2 in.

Power through the tough spots

The ZX180LC-6 is specifically designed to appeal to small local contractors, water and sewer contractors and those who dig basements and pools. It packs excellent productivity and fuel economy into a small package. The fuel-efficient EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV Isuzu engine meets rigid emission standards and maintenance is simplified because no diesel particulate filter (DPF) is needed. Safety and accessibility has been enhanced with the addition of standard upperstructure handrails and the easy-to-operate controls are smooth and responsive.

The ZX180LC-6 comes standard equipped with five years of ZXLink™ Ultimate, giving you 24/7 online access to machine location, health, utilization, fuel consumption, and other valuable information – so you can better understand costs and jobsite performance.


  • ZX130-6 final tier 4 technology does not require a DPF filter.The FT4 engine solution does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF), saving service time and lowering operating costs.
  • An Isuzu EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV engine delivers fuel-efficient and reliable performance. Fuel pressure, timing and volume are precisely regulated by electronic control for efficient combustion with Isuzu’s common-rail fuel injection system.
  • Auto-idle, which reduces engine speed when hydraulics aren’t in use, and auto-shutdown contribute to fuel efficiency.
  • ZX130-6 D channel side framesReinforced D-channel side frames provide maximum cab and component impact protection.
  • ZX130-6 tungsten carbide jointTungsten-carbide-coated surfaces protect the critical bucket-to-arm joint.
  • ZX130-6 thick-plate single-sheet mainframeThick-plate single-sheet mainframe, box-section track frames and industry exclusive double-seal swing bearing deliver rock-solid durability.
  • ZX130-6 undercarriageWith large idlers, rollers and strutted track links, the sealed and lubricated undercarriage is built for the long haul.
  • Our FT4 field-proven technology is simple and efficient, employing cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). An improved piston design allows particulate matter to be burned in cylinder, so there’s no need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).
  • The pressurized fuel system improves fuel injector operation, and the fuel recirculation system helps prevent fuel gelling in cold climates – so you can maintain maximum productivity.
  • It’s not always about brute force. Unmatched metering and smooth multifunction operation provide finesse and precision.
  • Stay on schedule with generous swing torque, digging force and lift capacity.
  • Muscle through tough digging by pressing the power-boost button.
  • ZX130-6 LCD monitorMulti-language LCD monitor and rotary dial provide easy access to machine info and functions. Turn and tap to select work modes, monitor maintenance intervals, check diagnostic codes and set cab temperature. Control oil flow and toggle between dig and thumb modes with a  programmable thumb attachment mode.
  • ZX130-6 joystickErgonomically correct short-throw pilot levers provide smooth, precise control with less effort. Pushbuttons in the right lever allow control of auxiliary hydraulic flow for attachments. Optional sliding switch provides proportional speed control, giving you full command from your fingertips.
  • ZX130-6 unobstructed visibilityGet unobstructed all-around visibility thanks to a new hood design paired with a wide expanse of front, side and overhead glass and mirrors, plus a standard rearview camera.
  • ZX130-6 optional lightsOptional cab and right-side boom lights provide extra illumination to extend your production.
  • Automatic, high-velocity bi-level climate-control system with automotive-style adjustable louvers helps keep the glass clear, the cab comfortable and the operator productive.
  • Operators get maximum support from a sculpted mechanical suspension high-back seat. For even more comfort, opt for the air-suspension heated seat.
  • ZX130-6 monitorEasy-to-navigate LCD monitor tracks various fluid levels and issues scheduled maintenance alerts and diagnostic information.
  • ZX130-6 centralized lube banksCentralized lube banks place zerks within easy reach, making greasing less messy and time-consuming.
  • ZX130-6 filtersEngine oil, fuel and hydraulic pilot oil filters are all located on the same side at ground level for easy servicing.
  • ZX130-6 upperstructure handrailsUpperstructure handrails provide added safety when servicing the engine compartment, and a larger hood gives you better engine accessibility.
  • The ZX180LC-6 is standard equipped with 188博金宝下载 ’s ZXLink™ system, giving you the power to monitor your fleet without ever leaving your seat through an easy-to-use website. Access fleet location, functions, hours, fuel consumption, alerts and other essential machine data. Know which machines are earning and which are idling – all while keeping preventive-maintenance tabs on each piece of equipment. View location and alert information with an app for iOS or Android devices. Plus, ZXLink can be set up to send alerts via email or text so you’re always in the know.


Emission Rating
Tier 4
Number Of Cylinders
3 ltr
182 Inches³
Rated speed
2200 rpm
Engine Output - Net
86 kW
116 hp
Number Of Carrier Rollers - Each Side
Number Of Track Rollers - Each Side
Track Shoe Width
700 mm
28 inches
Transport Length Mono Boom
9040 mm
29 ft 8 in ft/in
Transport Height - Maximum
3390 mm
11 ft 1 in ft/in
Overall Undercarriage Width
2900 mm
9 ft 6 in ft/in
Track Length On Ground
3370 mm
11 ft 1 in ft/in
Overall Undercarriage Length
4170 mm
13 ft 8 in ft/in
Tailswing Radius
2550 mm
8 ft 4 in ft/in
Ground Clearance
450 mm
18 inches
Width over fixed tracks
2900 mm
9 ft 6 in ft/in
Track Gauge
2200 mm
7 ft 3 in ft/in
Digging Reach - Mono Boom
9940 mm
32 ft 7 in ft/in
Ground Level Reach - Mono Boom
9790 mm
32 ft 1 in ft/in
Dig Height - Mono Boom
9790 mm
32 ft 1 in ft/in
Dump Height - Mono Boom
6930 mm
22 ft 9 in ft/in
Dig depth - 2.44m / 8'ft flat bottom
6870 mm
22 ft 6 in ft/in
Dig Depth - Mono Boom
7070 mm
23 ft 2 in ft/in
Fuel Tank
285 ltr
75.3 gallons (US)
Hydraulic Tank
125 ltr
33 gallons (US)
Ground Bearing Pressure
36 kPa
5.22 PSI
Dipper Tearout
84 kN
18885 lbf
Operating Weight
20120 kg
44317 lbs


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