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188博金宝下载 Construction Machinery - North America


Mining Excavator & Shovel

Net Power
1119 kW
1,500 hp
Operating Weight
257 000 kg
566,588 lb.
259 000 kg
570,997 lb.
Max Dig Reach
16.6 m
54 ft. 6 in.
14.6 m
46 ft. 2 in.
Max Dig Depth
8.25 m
27 ft. 1 in.
3.72 m
12 ft. 3 in.

Rock solid performance

The EX2600-7 is a powerful workhorse you can count on. The machine features the latest advancements in engine and fuel optimization technologies to provide you with efficiency, reliability and durability in the toughest mines.

You get strong horsepower, reduced fuel consumption through engine selection and hydraulic system improvements, simplified maintenance, a comfortable cab, powerful arm and bucket-digging forces and more. It’s available in backhoe and front-shovel configuration, and you can choose between a Cummins or MTU engine.*

The EX2600-7 comes standard equipped with 188博金宝下载 ’s Global e-Service remote machine management system, which gives you access to each on-site machine from a PC in your office.

*Also available in the U.S. and Latin America as an electric powered shovel. Download Features and Specs Brochure for more information


  • Choice of Cummins or MTU engine in Final Tier 4 (FT4) or Fuel Calibration Optimized (FCO) configurations.
  • Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) technologies reduce fuel consumption by 8-10 percent through engine options and hydraulic system improvements. (*comparison of Cummins engine configuration against the EX2600-6).
  • A 188博金宝下载 TFOA-KK electric motor option is available in the U.S. and Latin American markets. The motor’s voltage of AC 6000 - 6600 V/50 Hz results in a rated continuous output of 860kw.
  • Computer assisted analysis is used to determine the most effective design for frame longevity to withstand the demands of the mining operation.
  • 188博金宝下载 ’s exclusive center track frame delivers optimal stress dispersion through the use of specifically designed castings to reduce welds in critical high stress areas, ensuring a stronger frame with improved durability and reliability.
  • The EX2600-7 undercarriage has three double-sided pedestal-designed upper rollers on each side of the track frame to maintain track shoe clearance and provide protection from debris buildup, reducing shoe and roller wear.
  • The proven 188博金宝下载 -patented track shoe design mitigates premature wear of the drive-lugs. Each shoe is induction hardened utilizing 188博金宝下载 ’s unique processes to deliver a more durable solution.
  • The advanced hydraulic system tops the industry for smooth, efficient, combined operations of the front attachment and swing, delivering quick cycle times.
  • Each individually controlled hydraulic pump has its own electric regulator, enhancing engine power, lowering fuel consumption, and increasing productivity to lower the total cost of operation.
  • A larger hydraulic oil cooler with variable speed fan reduces energy demand and creates a more reliable hydraulic system.
  • Front attachment hoses have been rearranged from the traditional arch style to an underslung configuration, removing the need for clamping, reducing chafing and increasing reliability.
  • The multi-functional display provides key machine information, performance indicators and on-board troubleshooting functionality through the use of the integrated dial switch interface. It’s fitted with an LED back-light to provide improved clarity with reduced glare and reflection.
  • The on-board inclinometer assists the operator with two predetermined safety limits providing extra assurance and confidence
  • Integrated electronic joysticks enable precise and almost effortless operation, minimizing operator fatigue and improving operational performance.
  • The new on-board electronic controller receives signals from angle sensors fitted to the main frame, boom and arm to control the pump flow rate and cylinder speed. Shock at stroke end of the cylinder cycle is reduced, improving operator comfort and lowering impact on cylinders and structures for more reliable operation.
  • The Loading Shovel attachment is equipped with an auto-leveling crowd mechanism that controls the bucket at a constant angle.
  • The automatic weight-adjusting air suspension seat determines the optimal cushioning effect to match the operator’s weight, enhancing comfort and minimizing vibration.
  • The cab riser features a pressurizer system to reduce dust infiltration, extending service life of the electronic components and devices within.
  • Tinted, laminated windows and retractable front and side roll screens help to reduce heat, glare and harmful UV rays.
  • The Level II Operator Protective Guard (OPG) provides protection from falling objects, ensuring an added layer of safety and assurance to the operator.
  • An escape chute has been added to the side of the cab for use in an emergency.
  • The centralized fast-filling system provides easy access from the ground to refill and evacuate lubricants, water, grease and fuel.
  • Contamination sensors are located on all main hydraulic pumps to detect any contaminants that may cause damage to the hydraulic system.
  • Swing circle cover has been added to the outside of the swing bearing to provide protection to the lubrication piping against damage from debris.
  • The new center joint uses the machine’s hydraulic oil to self-lubricate, reducing the need for daily maintenance.
  • With Global e-Service, an online machine management system, you can access each on-site machine from a PC in your office. You can get its operating information and location to increase productivity. Operating data and log are sent to a 188博金宝下载 server for processing, and then to customer and dealers. This system is available 24/7/365.
  • The optional Aerial Angle system provides the operator with a real-time birds-eye view around their excavator. Cameras strategically mounted on the machine combine to a single aerial view of the EX2600-7 surroundings. Multiple screen display options can be selected on the cab’s 7-inch Aerial Angle monitor for ease of operation.


Number Of Cylinders - Per Engine
50 ltr
3051.1 Inches³
Rated Speed
1800 rpm
Engine Output Per Engine- Net
1069 kW
1434 hp
Carrier Rollers - Each Side
Track Rollers - Each Side
Track Shoe Width
1000 mm
40 inches
Overall Width
8040 mm
26 ft 5 in ft/in
Track Length On Ground
6120 mm
20 ft 1 in ft/in
Undercarriage Overall Length
7870 mm
25 ft 10 in ft/in
Tailswing Radius
6490 mm
21 ft 4 in ft/in
Ground Clearance
770 mm
30 inches
Width over standard tracks
6000 mm
19 ft 8 in ft/in
Track Gauge
5000 mm
16 ft 5 in ft/in
Dig height (mono)
15800 mm
51 ft 10 in ft/in
Dump Height (Mono)
10100 mm
33 ft 2 in ft/in
Max Digging Reach (Mono)
16600 mm
54 ft 6 in ft/in
Ground level reach (mono)
16050 mm
52 ft 8 in ft/in
Dig depth - 2.44m / 8'ft flat bottom
8150 mm
26 ft 9 in ft/in
Dig depth (mono)
8250 mm
27 ft 1 in ft/in
Fuel Tank
5300 ltr
1400 gallons (US)
Hydraulic Tank
1320 ltr
349 gallons (US)
Ground Bearing Pressure
187 kPa
27.1 PSI
Dipper Tearout
785 kN
176475 lbf
Weight - Maximum
257000 kg
566588 lbs


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