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188博金宝下载 Construction Machinery - North America


Haul Truck

Cummins QSKTA60-CE
Net Machine Weight
384 000 kg
846,575 lb.
Nominal Payload
221 tonnes
243.6 tons
1864 kW
2,500 hp

Count on efficient productivity.

The EH4000AC-3 combines our time-proven truck technology with our newest and most efficient Advanced IGBT AC-Drive system. Unlike all other competitors, the entire AC-drive system is designed, built and supported by the same company – 188博金宝下载 . As a result, it outperforms previous and competitive systems through its simplicity, improved efficiency, and enhanced dependability.

The EH4000AC-3 is one of the most technologically advanced mining trucks in the world, delivering more efficiency, reliability and durability.


  • EH3500AC-3_SLIP_SlideThe enhanced Slip/Slide Control System is an active traction control and anti-lock brake system in slippery conditions.
  • EH3500AC_3_PITCHThe pitch control feature of the Advanced AC-Drive System reduces bouncing/ rebounding on the truck as it hits bumps or uneven ground on the haul road.
  • EH3500c-3_skidThe side skid control feature helps the operator in slippery road conditions when making turns.
  • EH3500AC-3_wheel_motorThe 188博金宝下载 Double Path Tandem Planetary Design provides high efficiency. Better component and lubricant life is the result of holding the first carrier stationary and constantly cycling the lubricant through a cooler and filter.
  • The new-generation 188博金宝下载 IGBT system outperforms previous and competitive systems through its simplicity, improved efficiency, and enhanced dependability. It couples the best GTO features with higher torque, faster acceleration, smoother retardation and lower operating costs.
  • Superior electric braking enables the driver to stop the truck using the electric brake pedal only with the exception of emergencies.
  • IGBT modules (inverter and chopper) are liquid cooled. Grid resistors, alternator and traction motors are forced-air cooled. The final drive gear oil is circulated, air-cooled and filtered before being directed back to the final drive.
  • The EH4000AC-3 is equipped with a Cummins QSKTA60-CE diesel engine that generates 1864 kW (2,500 hp) at 1,900 rpms and meets Tier 2 EPA emission requirements.
  • EH3500AC_3_cab_structureThe cab frame provides improved safety and durability and features a three-point isolation-mount design to allow additional independent motion from the truck frame.
  • The frame on the EH4000AC-3 has been redesigned and improved for longer life. The bolt-on high-arch cross member, combined with new rear axle housing and nose cone designs, give the EH4000AC-3 the sturdiest frame of all.
  • The updated body is stiffer and tougher with a 6 percent steeper floor pitch to reduce spillage and provide solid, well-cushioned body-to-frame support.
  • The new frame has fully fabricated box-section rails with section height tapered from rear to front. The one-piece top and bottom flanges eliminate cross member tie-in joints. The large radii at frame junctions minimize stress, and all welds are longitudinal to reduce stress cracks and deliver more strength and durability.
  • Each spindle is controlled by a hydraulic steering cylinder, which rotates around the king-pin and the outer end of the trailing arm to position the wheels for steering. The spindles are attached by one tie-rod.
  • The king pin retains the spindle to the trailing arm. Spindle rotates around the king-pin, which is locked in position. The Neocon-E™ strut attaches to the top.
  • The trailing arm is the main suspension member to which other suspension components are attached. The trailing arms hinge on a torque tube that is clamped to the front of the frame.
  • The neocon strut is the energy absorption and release component of the ACCU-TRAC suspension system. Pinned to ball bushings at the frame and at the top of the king-pin to prevent bending movements from transferring to the strut. Receives only axial input.
  • The improved hydraulic hoist system delivers faster raises and lowers. Hoist raise calibration system can be programmed to cut out the cylinder extension prior to reaching full extension. It also controls the body lowering speed to ensure maximum cylinder life.
  • The EH4000AC-3 is built with an improved payload monitoring system with enhancements to handle rugged loading conditions better. It is fully integrated to the truck’s monitoring system (and therefore your Mine Fleet Management System) for prompt reporting of tons moved, cycle times, cycle count and distance.
  • The high-efficiency dashboard puts controls within easy reach and good visual contact. A full complement of easy-to-read gauges, a spacious environment, six-way adjustable operator’s air seat, tilt/telescopic steering wheel and filtered adjustable air vents contribute to operator comfort.
  • EH4000AC-3_LCD_MonitorThe new HI-TECH ROPS/FOPS cabs are equipped with a 188博金宝下载 controller and a large, centrally mounted color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) as used in our large size excavators. The display makes operation simple and easy.
  • Visibility from the cab is enhanced with added mirrors, cameras for blind spots, backup and tire lights and brighter headlamps. An analog monitor mounted to the dashboard to display live camera information is included as a standard safety measure.
  • The EH4000AC-3 features a new, easy-access diagonal ladder that provides a safe, quick way to get in and out of the cab.
  • The new, wider cab also has a double full-size seat available that provides plenty of space for a trainer to work with an operator.
  • Double-wall construction of inner and outer steel panels produces a more structurally sound cab. A three-point rubber isolation-mount design allows greater independent motion from the truck frame, which significantly reduces shocks, vibrations and noise, and keeps operators more comfortable.
  • Heating/cooling capacities have been increased to keep operators comfortable and productive in all types of weather.
  • EH3500AC_3_multiple_controlsThe AC-drive system has multiple controls that ensure trouble-free reliability and less maintenance, including a grid dry motor control and a blower control that cools the alternator and wheel motors in hot conditions.
  • EH3500AC-3_fast_fill_stationThe EH4000AC-3 features a fast-fill system station that gives you direct access at ground level for fast filling/ topping off of lubricants, grease, hydraulic oil and engine oil. Our auto-lube system provides consistent lubrication to required areas on the truck reducing maintenance downtime. (Couplers are optional.)
  • EH3500AC_3_filtersFour, low maintenance air filters with evacuator valves bring easy and safe maintenance.
  • EH3500AC-3_stepThe collapsible step and flat service stage inside the rear axle brings higher serviceability and safety.
  • The box section design of the frame features one-piece top and bottom flanges that eliminate cross-member tie-in joints and provide a large, exposed center area for quick access to major components.
  • Simple sight glasses on the fuel and hydraulic fluid systems allow for a quick pre-shift confirmation that the levels are not below minimums.
  • Our service tool allows downloads of a wide variety of information to your technicians’ laptops for quicker diagnosis of performance issues.
  • With Global e-Service, an online machine management system, you can access each on-site machine from a PC in your office. You can get its operating information and location to increase productivity. Operating data and log are sent to a 188博金宝下载 server for processing, and then to customer and dealers. This system is available 24/7/365.


Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
60 ltr
3661 Inches³
Rated Speed
1900 rpm
Engine Output - Net
1771 kW
2370 hp
Engine Output - Gross
1864 kW
2500 hp
Transmission Manufacturer
Speeds - Forward
Front Suspension - Type
Trailing Arm
Rear Suspension - Type
Tyre Size
46 / 90 R57
Service Brake - Actuation
Parking Brake - Type
Service Brakes
Retarder - Type
Electronic - Blown Grid
Length - Overall
14390 mm
567 inches
Height - Max
7310 mm
288 inches
Width - Over Tyres
7580 mm
298 inches
Hoist - Type
Twin, 3-stage
Power Down
Fuel Tank
2680 ltr
707.9 gallons (US)
Hydraulic System
750 ltr
198.1 gallons (US)
Struck Capacity
106 m³
138.6 yd³
Heaped Capacity
154 m³
201.4 yd³
Gears - Forward / Reverse
1F - 1R
221000 kg
487221 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight
384000 kg
846575 lbs


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